Turbulent Priest?
Turbulent Priest?

Affectionately known as 'JB', a thought leader in the fields of fund strategy, research and governance. Author of the book '#NEWFUNDORDER'. A fund selector and strategist for over 16 years, a gatekeeper for one of the UK's largest insurance platforms, with a portfolio of senior roles including think tanks, non executive, columnist and global presenter on a variety of fund management and macro issues.

Jon ‘JB’ Beckett has long been an outsider of the ‘City’, a Scot looking in, challenging the status quo and casting light on the relationship between fund selectors and fund managers.

JB is a veteran fund selector and strategist with 20 years’ industry experience. Having initially worked in IFA compliance, JB’s fund selector career started as a para planner and non-discretionary portfolio manager for a small/medium-sized IFA, at the turn of the millennium. There he created asset allocation models, managed a 200-fund buy list, building risk-rated portfolios for mass affluent clients.

Later he moved to fund analysis and product management for Franklin Templeton in 2003. Redundancy, post credit crisis, saw JB move through group insight and complex product governance roles, before returning as a fund selector and gatekeeper for a £100bn-plus UK retail and institutional proposition.

JB is also UK Research Lead for the Association of Professional Fund Investors, Ambassador for the Transparency Task Force, Chartered Member, Author and Senior Reviewer with the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments, and member of the Z/Yen Long Finance think-tank.